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A Prayer in Difficult Times

Creating-God, we thank you for the gift which is our world. We ask that you help us to be good and wise stewards of our planet. Help us to put an end to the exploitation of its resources and guide our actions as we make strides at restoring what you created to health not just for ourselves but all the creatures you have made.

Liberating-God, we pray that we will become your hands and to continue the work you started through Jesus. We understand that we have been called to a radical hospitality which is to be shown by feeding the hungry homeless, giving water to the thirsty immigrants crossing desert wasteland, and visiting prisoners working for their dignity within a broken and corrupt system.

Sustaining-God, we experience the exhaustion of bearing witness of your love to a world that is obsessed with power and hierarchy. We pray, especially, for transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people who are besieged by vitriol and hatred at the hands of people who claim to act in your name. May our actions and pursuit of justice for the transgender community be a balm in hateful times.

We ask you, Creator, Liberator, and Sustainer, to create in us strong hearts for creation, to free us from our own prejudices and unrecognized arrogance, and to make our hands and words into tools for healing and not harm.

God, in your mercy . . . hear our prayers.

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