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"They Just Wanted to Go Dancing"

We praise You with movement and rhythm

We worship with down beats

Thrumming through sub woofers

Riotous queer arias shaking rafters

Raining dust down on us like manna

We pray with fingers rapping

Keeping time on brass bar rails

Condensation off icy beverages

Runs down our wrists like stigmata

We dance alone, in pairs, in groups

Wholly and Holy chosen family.

Perspiration glistening on our brows

Salty sweat filling us with flavor

Reminding us of our baptism

You move among us

making connections

knitting a community

There are no strangers

Only neighbors and lovers

Our feet shuffle

Our hips sway

Ōrāns hands raised in joy

We claim this space as sacred

Given by You

Given to You

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